Adjust And Balance – September 4th 2017

The energy of the Full Moon is already coming in with this draw.

This card points to the balance of life forces. I mentioned this potential polarity in the September Forecast I posted yesterday.

You’ve come a long way and have had success in some way, you’ve earned it, you’ve worked hard for it, enjoy it. Feel and honor that sense of accomplishment.
However, make sure you have your priorities set up straight. Try to balance all things in your life. Taking care of mind, body, soul, spirituality, reality and loved ones.

Be careful you don’t lose sight of your personal relationships because you’ve been so focused on work or the other way around. The same goes for taking too much time focusing on your spiritual path and neglecting daily responsibilities or perhaps too much of your energy is going into your daily routines and some  spiritual work is needed. It’s all about balance. Observe where you need it.

Energetic shifts and changes are still unfolding, so stay flexible in order to go with the flow with whatever is coming next.

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