Abundant Path – August 26th 2020

Hello moonbeams!

Today’s energy is all about the creation of new endeavors. Pentacles are earth energy which are associated with the material plane, what is tangible. So, I feel that this card is letting us know that we have a chance to really start to plan ahead and figure out what steps we need to take to move forward.

While this does not necessarily mean things will manifest at lightning speed today, it does let us know that the possibility is there. That we can have new ideas, new strategies, habits and ways to build solid foundations for the months to come. Its energy is uplifting and encouraging so we might be feeling pumped up to get things moving. This energy is very much in tune with new beginnings and new oportunities that may arise. Again, it might not be something that immediately starts but think of it as the seedling ready to be planted in the soil.

I feel this energy as one that makes us excited about what may be, what we can create, what new creative and fulfilling things we can expect in our lives and the inspiration to start. With the Mars and Saturn square influence, we may notice that things don’t materialize as fast as we’d like them to, BUT we can be pragmatic and practical about how we go about starting and getting things moving.

It’s a good time to identify what level of commitment and work our new path is going to require from us, but we most likely won’t feel overwhelmed by it today, instead, we’ll be happy to look for solutions instead of excuses or reasons not to act upon our gut feelings. Whenever earth energy comes through, it’s also a reminder to stay grounded and realistic and not go too deep into the fantasy realm, but keep it grounded and solid.

What will you dare to create for yourself today?


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