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Moon Siren - TMMI’m Paola, a 36 year old free spirit. This is a brown eyed, saltwater heart’s journey to alignment and growth.

The Manifesting Moon came to exist in August of 2017 as somewhat of a personal practice. I wanted to absorb as much knowledge as I could about things that were strongly resonating with me (astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, tarot, lunar energies, rituals & practices and so on), but being a fairly forgetful person, I knew it was too much, too soon for my brain.

Keeping too many notebooks would be difficult too. So, I decided to create a sort of personal journal, to keep myself inspired and active, learning and integrating some of that knowledge into my every day life. After a while, I really liked being able to share that process in hopes that the content resonates for others and helps them in their own journey as evolving and growing souls.

I do not have an absolute truth, nor do I believe there is one absolute truth, as we are all each other’s mirrors and teachers, we are constantly inspired by others and everything around us. I believe everything we need to awaken and evolve is already within each of us, it just has to be woken up, a spark lit. Planets, crystals, tarot or any objects or tools that are external are there to support and guide us through that inner journey but they themselves do not hold the key… we do. We all hold light and shadow and it’s how we navigate both that give us answers. We ARE the Universe. As above, so below, as within so without.

I started working consciously on aligning with my spirituality years back after several personal obstacles, it felt like coming home to myself. It hasn’t been an easy process, but it has definitely been worth it. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like the transformation is definitely evident now, to myself and those around me. 

There is so much in our lives, within and around us, that we can learn from every single day. Eventually, I got to where I am today, still releasing, still working on myself but in a more mindful and conscious way. Living life with intention and gratitude. In 2021, like a snake shedding old skin, I decided to rename the Blog “Moonstars Journal” to set the intention for all things new to come and as a symbolism of a new era.

Now, I happily offer my Tarot & Oracle counseling for all of those souls in search for guidance and energy work, as well as share my personal opinion and experience in some articles about practices or tools that I myself find useful.

Thank you for being a part of this sacred web. I hope my journey is somehow useful for your own!

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