A Simple No – April 22nd

Our energy is one of the most valuable resources we have and we tend to forget that sometimes. 

As a goddess of love and war, Ishtar’s message is comes in loud and clear. We may think that love and war are two polar opposites. In this case, they seem to be symbiotic. 

Out of self-love comes protection. This is one of the messages that she brings to us today. Having a kind heart and loving deeply is wonderful, but giving too much can sometimes mean giving yourself up. This can leave you feeling consumed and exhausted. 

If you have people pleasing tendencies (like me), it’s much more difficult to not feel guilt over saying no at times. It feels like we’re not being helpful, brings guilt or shame and it can lead to overcompensating and using up all of our energy. This leaves very little for our personal use of energy When this happens, it’s time to tale a step back and check within yourself. Do I really need this? Is it really my place to help? Are my reasons for wanting to help true to myself? Do I have enough to give right now?

Listen to what you feel and need. You are not obligated to give in to ever request, every expectation, every desire or command that others may have for or from you. You are a powerful, autonomous and strong being. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries where you most need them. This may be boundaries for yourself or for others. Channel the Ishtar’s war energy and stand your ground as well as her deep love to carry you through.

At the beginning, it may feel odd by doing so, but little by little, you’ll feel the shift within. You will feel more stable, strong and empowered.

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