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This article is not so much channeled information or something that I’ve gotten from cards or tools that channel energy, more so of my own experience and perspective on current events. Some part of me feels compelled to share my own experience in hope that it may resonate with anyone, hopefully to help or comfort in any way.

The past few weeks have thrown me for a loop. It feels like some sort of movie scene, surreal and unbelievable. I truly believe that even though some of us knew something big was coming, we had no idea of HOW it would happen. I sat in disbelief when it started to sink in, that this was real, this IS happening.

I’ve been feeling a wide spectrum of emotions, my mind flooded with a thousand and one thoughts and ideas. I’ve had huge bursts of energy and some physically hard, low days, not to mention the emotional ones.

There’s so much out there, so many messages, images and things that we’re being bombarded with, constantly and I feel that can confuse us even more. Even though I’ve done my share of spiritual work on a personal level, this hits my humanity in so many different ways. I’ve come to terms with fully embracing my multidimensional being. This means I’m very aware of the grander scheme I believe this is a part of, but I’ve also been very aware of what this represents for us as physical and emotional beings.

Yes, I do find some comfort in feeling and knowing this is a part of something much bigger; the collective awakening, our ascension and so on. I truly believe that through severe breakdowns, come breakthroughs and it’s how we manage and focus on rebuilding but it’s also a bit scary. Every single one of us is being pushed so far out of our comfort zones, being forced almost, to surrender to the unknown and being stared in the face by our shadows and triggers, some losing people they love and going through the always difficult grief process. It’s A LOT to process.

It’s ok to feel. Allow yourself to feel whatever you need to. Hold space for your emotions. Just recognize that they are there to teach, and if you feel like you can’t move past them, work on them, try any kind of practice that allows you to feel those emotions without necessarily reacting from them or allowing them to take over. If you need a good cry, let it out. If you’re feeling tons of energy, dance and let it out. If you are feeling lonely, allow yourself to transit that emotion as best you can. No guilt, no shame. You don’t have to be productive now, you don’t have to be resting all the time, you don’t “have to” do anything really. Do what you need to do for yourself, and that’s that. If you were burnt out from the life you had before, you can use this time to regroup, recharge and come back stronger. If you feel like you were missing out on some things and you’d like to get on that now, do it! Our internal radars are speaking to us now and we have that chance to listen.

We all need different things on a personal scale right now and there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to go about things now. Just keep in mind that we are still creating realities at the moment, and you still hold so much power within you, even now. You can’t alter what’s to come, but you can alter your perspective and how you react to it. Having a “positive” outlook doesn’t necessarily mean you become oblivious to everything else, but it can mean that you choose to believe in the light at the end of the tunnel, that you are aware that even if there’s pain and suffering for some, we can still push through and come out stronger on the other end.

I feel as if we’re experiencing labor pains, birthing a new age. But this seems like it comes with strong discomfort and pain on a collective level. However, I also feel like the universe always knows how to balance the scales. I always used to smile when people said “we’re killing the planet” because yes, we were harming it, but I felt we’d first kill ourselves before actually killing the planet. She’s been through so many eras, so many rebirths, she can and will do it again. And so she did while kindly still letting us be here, to learn and reflect during this time. What world do we want to come out to?

We are being crudely shown how this system that we’ve been living in has fragmented our essence, our kindness, our dreams. We are seeing how this culture of separation and competition has really damaged us, hardened our hearts to some extent. We are becoming aware of how the people that have the least are the ones almost immediately at risk, for no fault of their own (malnutrition, poverty, lack of clean water, etc). We are seeing that some of us are priviledged and some can’t help but go out to work and put themselves at risk JUST to be able to eat. This brings me to another big lesson I see: Empathy and not judgement. We’ve all done it, yes. But how much of our lives have we spent judging? And what good has it brought us or those around us? Let that sink in for a while. It’s not easy to digest.

Time has stopped feeling linear, have you noticed? A lot of people no longer know what day of the week it is, we don’t put any special emphasis on “Friday” or “Monday” vibes, this is allowing us to see that different ways of living our lives ARE possible. Is it possible that we were living under the impression that things HAD to be a certain way? This moment is showing us other options.

So much has been happening outside while we’ve been inside.  Animals roaming free, as they should, fearlessly and in peace. Skies clearing up, pollution going down. She is restoring the balance that we had not contributed to. She is letting us know that she can go on pulsating, living and elevating without us. This is a very clear and strong message I see. It really is the time to take a look at how our individual actions come together as a whole and rebuild in unity and common good. And speaking of common good, I myself have never seen so many strangers connecting through their hearts as I have now. This is hitting our humanity HARD. Why? because this is no longer something that we can separate ourselves from. Fires in Australia? The world was in shock but it didn’t shake all of us to our core. Fires in California? Massive malnutrition all over the world? Earthquakes and floods? Didn’t hit quite as hard. But this, what we are living through, reminds us how fragile our human condition is, it makes us confront our mortality on a physical level, we know ANYONE is at risk. And that’s where our hearts come in.

We are not just keeping safe for ourselves, but for others as well. I’ve seen so many people try to take care of people in need, fundraising, collecting food, etc. THIS is our essence, this is our true nature, we know better now. I’ve seen people just trying to make strangers feel better in any way they can, through their own unique gifts and this warms my heart so. I beieve wholeheartedly that we can come out of this and emerge as something we have never fully experienced but are more than ready to. I beieve that together we can not only visualize a better world but MANIFEST IT. I really do. So let’s try to focus at least some of our energy on that, a little every day. We can do this .This is why we are here, this is why we cam, this is what we were born to do. We are the frontrunners for the future generations, the first line of defense in this crumbling of structures. The world is in our hands now, what will we make of it?

Let’s care for each other, respect our processes, hold space for each other and support each other through this. The anchors are being destroyed so that we may elevate to heights we haven’t been to yet, and that’s a universe of infinite possiilities.

Energetically, I feel that we are in the middle of an epic battle, “good vs evil”; high frequencies and vibratons vs low and dense energies that reigned this plane for too long. So much light is coming in right now, wanting to be anchored, to be channeled, to aid us in this process. I’m not surprised if some of you who are doing any sort of spiritual work have been experiencing energetic attacks, here we stand strong. In light we stand and we KNOW the time has come. The new age of light has begun. Trust in the process and stand your ground. We’ve got this. We’re not just anchoring energy for ourselves but for all the generations to come. A lot of dormant starseeds may be waking up at this time too, extremely high frequencies are coming in, activating any starseeds that may still not be aware. Experiencing weird, vivid, memory-like dreams are not at all unusual at this time. Pay close attention to them. We’re all getting messages and codes in different ways.

We are here. The time is now.



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