A New World – December 3rd 2017

3. Dame Darcy

Good day everyone!

I am so excited about today’s energy. The world. How fitting.

How has your world been turned upside down? What can you think of in your mind’s eye that you have created for your life? How do you see your world and that around you?

Every single decision of every single day, you create something for yourself. Whether it be an experience, a new relationship, an opportunity… there’s always something.

You are in the process of creating something magically grand for yourself. You have dared to venture into the unknown and the uncomfortable to find yourself some gems. Perhaps today you’ll find a few and will be able to feel that energy. “The world is your oyster” they say. And well, it’s true. You create your present, and with those actions you build your future.

Perhaps today you will begin to notice how things start to fall into place, how every single dot starts to connect and show you something you haven’t seen before. This feeling of gratitude and self pride will be strong on this day. Maybe in a certain circumstance, you will see all the elements align to create something you’ve been working on or longing for. Whatever it is, smile and breathe in that feeling of wholeness that will be available to you.

Use the energy of this Super Full Moon to tie up loose ends and gain clarity on how to build and create this world you want for yourself, let yourself feel inspired, the only one that can block and limit your dreams, is you. So let them be grand, let them be filled with joy and harmony. Feel them come alive in your heart, and they’ll be manifesting when you least expect them to. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself, your potential and your dreams.

To find out about this particular Super Full Moon in Gemini, click here.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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