A Good Defense – April 23rd

You’ve been through so much in your life (or lives!); tough times, losses, pain, sadness, people leaving, circumstances changing… and yet here you are. You remain. There is life within you. 

There is somewhere very deep inside of you that no one and nothing can touch. No matter how much comes at you in the world, that light doesn’t get extinguished by it all. It may dwindle at times, it may falter, but it doesn’t fail. You can always go inward and find this space within when you need it most. When things are scary or unsettling, that sacred space exists, where you can feel protected and safe. 

For some of you, this card will mean that some energy protection is needed; your body, your home, your work, etc. For spaces, you can rearrange things, move things around, purge or decorate to move any stagnant energy and then set an intention to protect that harmony and balance. You can use crystals, singing bowls, prayers, spells, or whatever ritual calls to you to do this. 

For your body, as well as for spaces, move! Get energy flowing through your body to activate it. You can also take a protection bath using rosemary and sea salt. Use visualization as you shower or wear certain crystals like tourmaline or amethyst to protect your own energy.

Lastly, this card lets all of us know that we’re not alone. We have beings that love and care for us, living or in other planes. We’re divinely protected and we always have spirits to support and guide us. If it all feels like to much, you can call on them and allow them to support and nurture your soul.

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