Charged Up – July 29th 2018

How has everyone been feeling after the Eclipse? Lots of energy moving around within and outside of us.

It’s a wonderful time to prepare for the journeys to come, the Universe has provided you with your very own lifepath chariot and it will take you to unknown and different places. The question is, are you ready for it?

Perhaps you’re feeling that powerful drive behind you, or your intuition is giving you the clarity you were seeking for. There is no “perfect” time for anything in life. If you feel like you must make a choice today, if your intuition is showing you something you must do, do it. Just take necessary precautions because you know there’s a lot of transits around that may affect the process.

At the end of the day, planets and transits don’t make anything happen, you do. Every action you take (or not take) is a decision that will have an effect on your life. All the transits and energies are there to help out along the way and give you an idea of how to go about things.

You may be feeling extra confident and empowered today, enjoy it! Once you tap into your power and essence, you will lead that Chariot to your dreams and new experiences. Distractions are unavoidable but try to keep your focus aligned with who you are today and let the magic whisk you away.
Have faith that you know the way, and if you don’t quite yet, your heart will reveal it once you’re ready.

Happy Sunday lovelies!

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