Here’s To Hope – March 9th 2018

Do you feel a creative and empowering energy in the air? I’m feeling it quite strongly and it’s so exciting!

Today’s energy really brings in that spark of hope. Hope in your dreams, projects, new beginnings, relationships and life in general.

You’re ready to be the creator, you have done some healing (personal or collective) and the Universe is gifting you with signs and synchronicities that help you along the way. This surge of energy is ideal to put into motion those actions and decisions that will help those dreams and hopes to manifest.

You can put a little magic into every single day of your life. The power is yours, with a higher power supporting you.

Take some time today to visualize those dreams in as much detail as you can. How does it feel? What does it smell like? Who is around you? What have you left behind? FEEL what it would be like to already have achieved it and let that feeling draw it closer to your life.

You are divine magic and hold the power of the Universe within.

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