New Path – February 10th 2018

You might find yourself looking for answers today. Focusing on that’s truly important to you in following your own path. Many things are being left behind.

The energy of the Eight of cups is that of letting go. Perhaps you’ve recently identified what needs to be let go of and are in the process of doing so.

You’re starting a new phase in your life and even though it might seem daunting at first, deep down, you know what direction you’re meant to take. It’s unknown quality may feel a little unsettling or overwhelming. Don’t lose hope, even if it feels like you don’t have the energy and can’t go on, you still have the strength to deal.

Keep the faith and trust in the Universe, you’ll flow through it. You are strong. You’re ok.

The Temperance card here is a reminder to keep yourself centered and in balanced. This will allow you to take action from an objective and calm mindset. Try not to rush yourself or your process. Things flow better without resistance.

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