Inner Light – November 6th 2017

5. Mermaid Tarot - Queen of Cups

Your intuition may be very hightened today, perhaps it’s all the energy from the recent Full Moon, inner work you’ve been doing or all the current transits that encourage higher spiritual awareness. Whatever it is, you find joy and peace in expressing your truth, even if it’s not with words! Maybe it’s a creative project, painting, writing or a new idea.

The Queen of Cups is kind, patient, knows how to flow effortlessly in life, and is like a beacon of light for others. Don’t be surprised if you feel empathic today or if others seek out advice or words of wisdom from you today. If this happens, you’ll be able to listen and speak from a place of love and understanding, instead of judgement and rationality.

This energy might manifest in different ways for everyone, for some of you, you may be this person who is being sought out. For others it might be that you need to look at yourself through the Queen of Cups’ eyes, with her loving energy, accepting and embracing yourself just as you are.

Today is the perfect day to spread love and kindness. Help someone in need, give someone a hug, surprise someone and make their day better, make someone laugh or smile, donate some clothes or things, maybe an act of kindness for a total stranger… whatever you choose, I KNOW it will make someone’s day better.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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