10/10 Stargate – October 2018

Short after the Libra New Moon, Something else is going on. Something magical that can ignite your soul even more!

The 10/10/2018 Stargate is a powerful one and it also has to do with past alignments and transitions we’ve all been going through. This is an ascension gateway that can affect each and every one of us on a cellular level.

Because this is a rebirth, it brings awareness, new beginnings and higher frequencies. Purging had to take place before this (and most likely still after it). In order to move forward, ascend or evolve, you cannot bring what no longer serves you. That’s why we’ve all been pushed to release, heal and surrender. You’ve been shown what lies in the shadows so you can acknowledge and move on. We are given a clean slate to build upon. That’s why it’s highly important that we choose to act from love and higher frequencies. A new era is beginning, even if at times it feels like we’re going backwards.

You are connecting with higher frequencies and messages. You have divine support from higher realms and other dimensions, an army of light. This is a wonderful time to feel that support. Call upon the Ascended civilizations & Masters and tune into their messages and guidance. This support is available to us during the trials and obstacles the Earth faces now.

Protect your energy and vibration during this time as you may be prone to pick up on others’ energy more than usual and it can make the moment even more intense. If you have light codes, activate them, or what ever practices you do for protection, it’s never a bad thing to keep your energy and self safe! Use your intuition, especially now. Listen to it let it guide you through this transformation.

Not only is this a powerful time in your present, but the Stargate can also clear the slate karmically. You can potentialize what you’re letting go of here on this plane, in this life, and also clear out any karmic baggage (personal or ancestral). The number 10 indicates the opening for karmic release. So, are you ready to travel a bit lighter?

We are integrating past life experiences and the wisdom they have left us with. That wisdom is what has brought you here today. In this moment. Ready to apply it for your greater good and that of the Earth & human kind. With this, you have to remember that old or past life traumas can follow too, so healing and releasing has to be done there too, to start anew.

It’s an ideal time to make amends with those who have wronged you (or whom you’ve wronged) or your own shadows and traumas in order to release, even if not in a physical realm, at least energetically. It supports forgiveness and compassion. It boosts higher frequencies and allows you to tap into universal love. That is healing at its best!

Manifestation is amplified since we’re being upgraded to what kind of life our soul needs, what is in alignment with our soul purpose and mission. What would your soul’s dream path be? Perhaps your career, or relationships? Connect to what it would FEEL like if you already had that in your life. Believe, whole-heartedly, that you are worthy and CAN bring anything into your life.

We are being called to tune in to Universal laws, the cosmos, the divine, the Earth, nature and to remember who we really are: infinite beings.

This portal is only the beginning of a cycle and it will continue to be present if you choose to work with it.

It’s time to awaken, Starseeds.

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