02/02/2020 Portal

Hello again!

How is everyone feeling? We’re entering a new month that brings so much energy and vibrancy around us, and we’re just hours away from an energetic portal that has me quite excited. But before we start, if you want to dive into the monthly reading for February, click here.

SO, I don’t even know where to begin. It took me a while to have the courage to write this post. Whenever I need additional resources or information for an article, I usually try to do a little research myself before posting anything. This time was no different. But the strange thing was that there was barely any information out there and I just couldn’t figure out why since to me, it’s a very important and crucial moment for us all.

This made me go back to what is somewhat known to me, I started doubting myself. Having those “well who the hell AM I to be talking about this” moments. But, at the end of the day, I decided to believe. To believe in the energies, to believe in the messages coming in, to believe in the signs, the hunches and in myself. The calling to write it was too strong, something inside of me felt that it was something that needs to be known. What I’m about to share is merely from what has come to me, what I’ve been sensing and some channeled information. If it resonates, I am so glad. If it doesn’t, that’s ok too.

When drawing cards for this, I was guided to use my Isis Oracle (She’s very present right now and I’ll explain why later on). I was amazed that the cards that came up were Pillar of Light, Portal of Light and Pyramid of Light. No doubt what is going on here, right?

Let’s start with what an energy portal or gateway is. A portal is a cosmic door that opens up, that allows energies or frequencies to come in. We all have our own personal frequency or vibration, this of course can fluctuate according to our state and our evolution of consciousness. The planet itself has its own frequency and the collective consciousness also has its own frequency or vibration.

A portal, you could say, opens up the valve for these energies to come in, affecting us and everything around us. These energies have a lot to do with the evolution process as souls here on this plane. They are a part of something much much bigger.

Now, this particular portal only happens every 1010 years. The last time it opened up was in 01/01/1010 and will not happen again until 3/3/3030. This is one of the reasons why I felt so strongly about sharing what was coming up. When portals have such a wide range in lineal time, it means that the change is progressive, it also means that the energies coming in are meant to be integrated in a long time, not just from one day to another.

Now, I know I might sound like a broken record sometimes, mentioning the same messages, but this is what’s coming in. Don’t shoot the messenger! I’m just allowing all of the information to come through and sharing it for those who are ready to listen.

The alignment between us and our authentic selves is necessary, as well as making peace with our shadow. There is no light without the dark, this duality is strongly being shown to us so we may integrate our light and our shadow and move forward as whole beings. This might also mean that what’s in our shadows will continue to be shown to us: traumas, old wounds, limiting patterns or beliefs, fears and such. I don’t want to make this sound like “oh there’s only good stuff for manifesting coming” (even though there is), there is stuff we’ll have to deal with too. Think of it this way: When you are home, most likely, you can walk around your house with the light off because you are well acquainted with where everything is. You can’t really do the same in an unknown house. We’re being asked to fully know our shadow well so we can move around in it without harming ourselves and others.

Everything that will come in is meant to show us the way to ourselves, to our power, to our connection with the divine and to other planes. Yes, when these shadows come up, they can be painful, frustrating, make us anxious or even a little depressed or confused. But they are meant to be dealt with, integrated and most of all they serve as lessons for what we need to deal with to become lighter, stronger, we are meant to acknowledge them but not hold on to them. We are more than just our shadow. At this time, some may feel like you’re in no man’s land, like you don’t have direction, lost or confused. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The great thing about free falling is that YOU can decide where to fly to next. There’s something liberating and empowering in that. Once you agin that clarity, these energies have the potential to really propel you forward with such speed.

I sense that one of the most important lessons in this is the power of choice. We can choose to hold on to the wounds because they are known, even if they are uncomfortable or we can choose to let go of the pain, of the struggle, of the hurt this human process can sometimes hold. We hold the power, this is the time to remember this. Each and every individual person on this Earth has the power to change that which they wish to change. We are more powerful than what we believe ourselves to be.

Another important lesson coming in from these energies are to fill ourselves with love instead of fear. When our frequency is coming from a place of fear, it’s not a constant wave of energy but rather quite erratic and chaotic. This brings more of that energy to us. Be very mindful at this time of where your focus is going into. Remember, where focus goes, energy follows.

Sometimes we misunderstand when someone tells us to “keep your vibration high all the time” as resisting or ignoring “bad” feelings or thoughts, but what this means (I have to circle back to what I mentioned before) is that we hold the power to become observers of our own thoughts and feelings. WE CHOOSE how we react to the world. Example: A friend says something you found hurtful. Instead of attacking them or becoming the victim, you have the power to CHOOSE to separate what the circumstance makes you feel from what you do next. You can choose to act instead of react and find out why it was hurtful to you in the first place, what wound did it touch? Learn from it. And consciously take yourself to a place of forgiveness and love. Handle things with love, even if you need to setup more boundaries or step away to take care of yourself or whatever you need to do, but learn from the uncomfortable, don’t hide away from it. Accountability.

This is powerful inner work.

This portal marks an energetic shift, not only within ourselves but in the collective consciousness. The masters coming forward all carry the frequency for unconditional love; Mother Isis, Mary Magdalene, Jesus. We are all being stirred up, restructured, rebuilt. We are still going through a sort of consciousness purge, a detox if you will. To clear out our emotional, intellectual and spiritual vessels to make room for what needs to come forward now. Higher frequencies.

This is also why so many things are crumbling within and outside of us and will continue to do so, there’s still so much to shed. Financial, political, religious systems are going to change, this is just the beginning. We really are at the dawn of a new era. I’m not saying “oh this will happen in X amount of years”, it will be a very long process for us all, for humanity. But we get to set it in motion. This portal is giving us the tools and the nudge we need to build those pillars that will hold the pyramid of light, the new paradigm.

This shift brings change all around; in perspective, in lifestyle, in systems, in everything. The more we tune into the frequency of unconditional love, the more we realize we are all connected, every single being and object in this Earth has a purpose. Once we realize and fully integrate that into ourselves, respect, care and love follows. This is a game changer for the world we live in right now.

Now, the other magical side of this quantum portal is its manifestation potential. It’s massive. We are connecting with other planes or dimensions right now, making it possible to accelerate the manifestation process. You heart’s true desires can be brought to this material plane to be enjoyed and lived in. See, YOU hold the power to bring them to fruition. What you believe, you create. If there’s a time to really connect with your heart, your higher self and your authentic self to create your future, it is now. If you wish to manifest your heart’s desires, be clear on what you wish to bring to your life, your intentions will transcend time and space, if you believe. Visualization exercises are a wonderful tool right now, vision boards, or anything that allows you to really connect to the images and feelings from your heartspace.

It may be quite a surge of energy, so make sure you listen to your body, hydrate, rest as needed. I myself have felt like taking small naps during the past days because the energy shifts are quite strong. Watch what you eat, make sure your body agrees with it. If you feel that your body needs movement, do it. If it needs rest, do it. Listen well. Allow yourself to give yourself what you need. The body is our intuitive compass too. If you listen, it can guide you immensly as to what the right path for you is. Ringing of the ears can be normal when we are around such strong portals, we may feel our own electromagnetic field change, some may experience headaches, light sensitivity or heightened senses. Some might feel like purging your physical spaces, houses, work spaces, maybe even an emotional purge. It’s going to be different for everyone.

Some may be getting heavy downloads, light codes or channeling tons of information at this time or from this moment forward, whether in a conscious or subconscious state (dream realm) so please listen closely. We have a massive amount of help around us, from the ascended masters and angelic realms, to the galactic federation and other star beings (Sirians, Arcturians, Pleiadians, etc) that are supporting us through this shift. We may ask for their help and guidance. Starseeds all over this Earth are here, helping humanity wake up, evolve and expand. Some that may still be dormant, will most likely be woken up to their true selves and recognize who they really are now. We are here to rise together.

This is a time to be real about ourselves. Transmutation of what really doesn’t serve us, for when one heals, we all heal. The veils of deception are coming down more and more. It’s a time to see ourselves clearly and with love. Clarity and courage is what the masters are bringing us to propel us forward. They are helping us release attachments, behaviours, beliefs, habits and emotions that no longer have a place here. Be grateful for the process, it has taken us this far. The ego is not the enemy, it is a part of ourselves and must be recognized and acknowledged, for it is one of our biggest teachers. If we believe the ego is “bad” we make it an enemy, and this is basically us fighting with something that is already in our nature, within us. We must learn from it, it is our teacher and that is something to be grateful for. the integration of mind+body+spirit is just as important as the integration of ego+higher self. They can work together if we allow it to.

The divine is coming in to balance both the masculine and the feminine so they can be purged of whatever toxicity we have attached to those energies. The divine feminine and the divine masculine working in balance with each other, creating, birthing and expanding.

A few things that might help with the 02/02/2020 quantum portal energy:

  • Ground yourself. Whatever practice or habit allows you to really ground and center your energy, do it. It can be meditating, sitting in silence, painting, singing, whatever works for you.
  • Set your intentions as if there were no limits or earthly laws to abide by. What your heart truly desires, if anything were possible, what would you want your future to be like?
  • Open your heart and spirit to these energies and try to integrate them into your daily choices, thoughts, emotions, plans. Know deep down that they are here for us.
  • Be present, mindful and trust that all of what we’re going through is for our greater good, not only as individuals but as a collective.
  • Nourish your body.

I’m adding an excerpt from the Isis Oracle book, that I felt had to be shared today:

“It is only this physical reality that is bound by time and space. You are a being conscious on levels beyond the physical world. You are guided to work with your healing powers beyond the confines of time and space and to allow your sense of Self to expand. It is safe for you to do this now. You will not become ungrounded through such spiritual work. You are not leaving your earthly awareness, you are instead adding to it”

“Beings of light and divinity are calling you now, they wish to connect with you more strongly and you are being guided to strengthen your energy field to allow more of the divine light that seeks you to flow through your body safely, and into expression.”

I hope this helps any of you who might be feeling these energies as strongly as I am. Let the new age begin! If you would like a short message on what Mother Isis has for you, send me a message.

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